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Press and Corporate Communications
Peter Lang Group AG
Place de la Gare 12
CH-1003 Lausanne

Peter Lang has publishing teams in offices around the world, each specialising in local language and content. Follow the links below to discover more about each regional team:

American Studies, Economics, Education, German Language & Literature, History, Law, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, Romance Studies, Theology and Religious Studies, Dissertations

Arts, English Language and Literature, History, Linguistics

Arts, Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, European Studies, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, French Language Programme

New York
Economics, Education, History, Literature, Religion, Media and Communication Studies, Performing Arts, Politics, Latin American Programme, China Programme

Arts, African Studies, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Education, English Literature, French Studies, German Studies, History, Irish Studies, Italian and Hispanic studies, Linguistics, Media and Communication Studies, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Theology and Religious Studies

Irish Studies

Economics, Media and Communication Studies, Political Science, Sociology

German Language & Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

German Language & Literature, History, Linguistics

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Please find below the company details for all Peter Lang entities for your reference.

Peter Lang Group AG

 Company name  Peter Lang Group AG
 Address  Place de la Gare 12, 1003 Lausanne
 Country  Switzerland
 Telephone Number  +41 43 216 13 63
 Company registration number  CHE-112.675.033
 VAT Number  CHE-112.675.033 MWST

Sub entities

Peter Lang GmbH

 Company name Peter Lang GmbH – Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
 Address  Gontardstraße 11, 10178 Berlin
 Country  Germany
Telephone Number  +49 30 80098667‬
 Company registration number  HRB193704B
 VAT Number  DE 114 225 574

Peter Lang P.I.E.

 Company name  Peter Lang Editions Scientifiques   Internationales – P.I.E.
 Address  Avenue Maurice 1, 1050 Ixelles
 Country  Belgium
 Telephone Number  +32 2 897 63 57‬
 Company registration number   0465.667.405
 VAT Number  BE 0465 667 405

 Peter Lang Ltd International Academic Publishers

 Company name Peter Lang Publishing Ltd.
 Address  John Eccles House, Science Park, Robert Robinson Avenue Littlemore OX4 4GP Oxford
 Country  United Kingdom
 Telephone Number  +44 1865 502124
 Company registration number  05861291
 VAT Number  GB 8956 84060

 Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

 Company name  Peter Lang Publishing,Inc.
 Address  80 Broad Street, 5th Floor, 10004  New York
 Country  United States
 Telephone Number  +1 844 882 0928‬
 Company registration number  13-3138468

Information about how COVID-19 has affected Peter Lang

Updated: September 2020

Peter Lang has, like every other business, been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Like all businesses we have had to learn and adjust our business to meet the new circumstances that we find ourselves in.

For Peter Lang these changes have included moving to more home/virtual working, and a move of technology from on-site or on-premise locations to the cloud.

We have also taken the opportunity to listen to our customers, authors and other business partners to clarify and simplify our business and communication processes.

These changes are necessarily disruptive and so please accept our apologies in advance if any of this work has inconvenienced you – we are working hard to put the new Peter Lang in place and believe that the short-term pain is worthwhile.

In particular, many of the communication channels have changed, our group has new email addresses, telephone numbers and office locations. You can find out how to contact us.

We wish you all the best at this time and look forward to working with you in the future.

Arnaud Béglé
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Lang Group AG

Telephone Numbers:

Our system currently operates in English, we will be adding French & German support very soon.

Country Telephone Number
Belgium +32 2 897 63 57‬
Germany +49 30 80098667‬
Switzerland +41 43 216 13 63
United Kingdom +44 1865 502124
United States +1 844 882 0928‬


Once connected, if you know the name of the person you wish to speak to then you can just say their name, otherwise use one of the following options:

Customer Services and Orders Team 1
Editorial Team 2
Finance Team 3
Commercial Sales Team 4
Marketing Team 5

If nobody is available it will route to voicemail and we will get back to you.


You can use the following eMail addresses to contact us. Note that unless you have a need to contact a specific individual your response time is likely to be faster if you send it to the team mailbox

Team Mailbox Purpose
Customer Services
& Orders Team General enquiries Book orders Claims for damaged books, etc. GDPR enquiries Book Returns
Editorial Team Editorial support, Manuscript submission Handles questions of copyright, privacy, etc
Finance Team Accounts Payable/Receivable Author/Contributor Royalties
Commercial Sales Commercial Sales
Marketing Product Marketing
Technology Information Technology
Human Resources Human Resources

Social Media:

Twitter @PeterLangGroup
Facebook Peter Lang Publishers
Peter Lang Publishing USA
Peter Lang Oxford
Verlag Peter Lang
Instagram PeterLangPublishing
LinkedIn Peter Lang Publishers
Newsletter Peter Lang News
Peter Lang Oxford Blog

Office Locations:

Office Address
Lausanne Peter Lang Group AG
Place de la Gare 12
1003 Lausanne
Berlin Peter Lang GmbH
Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Gontardstraße 11
Brussels Peter Lang SA Éditions Scientifiques Internationales P.I.E.
Avenue Maurice 1
New York Peter Lang Publishing Inc.
80 Broad St
Fl 5
New York
Oxford Peter Lang Ltd
International Academic Publishers
52 St. Giles

Company Registrations:

Location Registration Details
Germany Managing Director: Arnaud Béglé

Register Court Berlin, HRB 193704 B

VAT-ID. No. DE 114225574

Tax-ID. 047 241 17420

Switzerland Managing Director: Arnaud Béglé

Registered VAT no. CHE-112.675.033 MWST

Registered in Lausanne no. CHE-112.675.033

United Kingdom Registered VAT no. 895 6840 60

Registered in England no. 05861291

United States of America

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