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Peter Lang Group AG is committed to academic excellence in the Humanities and Social Sciences and we take great pride in our publishing program.

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As we hold our authors in high esteem, we strive to provide the most professional and satisfying experience throughout the process – from acquisitions to production to marketing.  Learn more about our offerings and why you should choose Peter Lang Group for your research.

Established reputation

An academic publisher that is deeply committed to excellence in the humanities and social sciences, Peter Lang has over fifty years of experience serving the academic community. Our extensive publications enjoy a worldwide readership and benefit from being widely reviewed in international academic journals. While we are known for our publications in certain key disciplines, including Cultural Studies, Education, Film Studies, History, Law, Linguistics and Translation Studies, Literature, Media and Communication, Philosophy and Theology, we always welcome newly developing academic areas and research approaches. We welcome proposals for new monographs, collections, dissertations and other projects.

Timely and reliable support

As supporting our authors is a top priority, our editorial staff offer assistance throughout the publishing process. Each author benefits from a close working relationship with one acquisitions editor from initial proposal through to publication.

Good language and content quality is the fundamental basis for every academic publication. We reserve the right to pass each submitted manuscript on to a native speaker for examination. If the text needs improvements, we will get in touch with the authors to discuss possible next steps. In most cases professional copy editing by the publisher is a viable option.

As part of our personal dedication to each project, we also ensure that each book is published as quickly as possible upon receipt of the manuscript. Our team is proud to provide an efficient service as well as maintaining high professional standards in design and production.

Peer review

All proposals and submitted manuscripts are assessed in form and content by our experienced scholars in the field. In order to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism, all manuscripts are compared against already published literature by way of the comparison software CrossCheck.

Subsequently manuscripts undergo a thorough peer review by respected scholars from the subject in order to guarantee the excellent quality of the work. In most cases two independent reviewers are appointed by the publisher. Reviewers are experienced scholars and are asked to abide by the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers, which ensures the integrity of the academic research we publish.

As with all peer-reviewed publishers we track our ratio of acceptances vs. rejections. This varies by subject, but typically we reject around 30% of all projects that enter the peer review process. Many are not accepted at all and are eliminated at an earlier stage. For example, we do not consider manuscripts that fall outside of our subject areas, and submissions like these are excluded immediately.

Should you wish to become a peer reviewer for Peter Lang, please download and fill out this form and send it to

Global reach

Our books are made available worldwide through our partnerships with online retailers, bookstores, distributors and academic libraries. To make certain our publications reach the right audience, we engage in a wide range of global marketing campaigns, attend major book fairs and specialist conferences, and maintain close relationships with academic associations. Our growing contingent of followers on social media also helps to spread the word about our books.

Read more about marketing your book.

Innovation in publishing

As digital technologies develop at a rapid pace, we are always changing to meet the needs of our authors and customers. We publish in both print and electronic format, allowing us to reach the growing market for eBooks among libraries and individual customers. Our eBooks are available on our website and through various digital channels (such as Amazon Kindle, iTunes and Kobo) and accessible on all of today’s media devices, whether it be an eReader, tablet or smartphone.

Open access has become a valued publication model in numerous disciplines. We support and enable publication in open access for authors who require it. Our open access publications are available for download from our website and from our partner OAPEN.

To learn more about publishing Open Access with Peter Lang visit our dedicated page here.

Prompts – Publishing research in smaller volumes, faster

Peter Lang offers a new model in our Prompts, to publish research in smaller volumes with a faster speed to market. 

What are the differences and the similarities between Peter Lang Prompts and our other publishing models?
  • Shorter length: 30,000-50,000 words
  • Speedy production: 8-10 weeks
  • Format: hardcover and ebook, with the option to publish Open Access
  • Subjects: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Business
  • Distribution: available worldwide


“The book is great to handle, the font size and the presentation of the pages is handsome and the whole effect is very good. Congratulations to you and your team for all your work on this. From start to finish you have been a great publishing house to work with. We are grateful to Valentina Bold and especially to Lahkbir Jassal for recommending us to you. “

Peter C. Jupp, co-editor of Death in Modern Scotland, 1855-1955: Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices

Open Access

We are pleased to offer authors the option to publish Open Access. If you choose to publish Open Access, your research will be freely available online for others to read, download and share immediately upon publication. While our Gold Open Access model is tailored to suit most authors’ and research funders’ needs, we are always glad to provide an individual offer upon request.

Peter Lang has already published a selection of Open Access titles as part of a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Take a look at these titles in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) here.

Please click here for our publication ethics.

Get in touch if you have questions about Open Access or if you are interested in publishing Open Access with us.

Learn more about our Open Access business model and funding opportunities:

Our Gold Open Access Model
Open Access and Copyright
Our Open Access Partners
Funding Opportunities

Our Authors

Interested in joining our outstanding roster of authors and editors?  

We will guide you throughout the publishing process and offer you professional advice and support:  

  • Personal contact with our experienced editorial staff  
  • High production values and quick time to market for your publication  
  • Publication in both printed and digital formats as well as open access, harnessing the latest e-technologies  
  • Global platform of marketing and publicity and exposure of key data utilizing industry standard channels  

We look forward to your publishing enquiries.

We provide an extensive list of forms and guidelines to help you prepare you manuscript for submission. Please contact your editor if there are any questions.

Permissions & Repository

Thank you for your interest in reusing content from Peter Lang International Academic Publishers.

Easy for you to secure permission to reuse our content

We have partnered with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to make it easy for you to secure permission to reuse our content.

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Simply click the ‘Get Permission’ button on our website below OR visit
  • Enter the title, ISBN, or ISSN of the publication you would like to reuse in the search box in the top right-hand corner and press “Go”
  • The easiest and quickest way to search is by ISBN
  • Check the publication year of the content to make sure you have the right edition
  • Select “Pay-Per-Use Options”
  • Scroll down and select the type of reuse you want to request
  • Click “Price & Order”
  • Fill out any required information
  • Follow the prompts to acquire the proper permission you need to reuse the content
  • If you are a Peter Lang author and would like to reuse your own content, please make sure to select “Author of requested content”
  • Click “Get Price”

Please note: If you have never obtained permission from CCC before, you will need to create a “Pay-per-use Account” to proceed (authors requesting to use their own material will not be charged)

For assistance in placing a permission request, Copyright Clearance Center can be contacted directly at:

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923
Tel: +1-978-750-8400
Fax: +1-978-646-8600

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Repository Policy

An academic repository stores published content and makes it available for users. A repository can have the purpose of archiving all publications originating from a certain university, of a certain subject field or scientific publications in general.

Learn more

Do you wish to request permission to reuse extracts from one of our titles?

Are you looking for permission to reproduce extracts from your own work in another publication?
Would you like to learn more about our repository and sharing policy?
Do you need access to one of our publications in an alternative format?

We are delighted to help you with any questions concerning permissions.

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Translation and Subsidiary Rights Form

Are you interested in acquiring translation rights or any other subsidiary rights for a Peter Lang book, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.

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Alternative Format Request

If you are a student or instructor with a visual impairment or print disability that prevents you from using our print products, please ask the appropriate university official to contact us.

Marketing reach

Our marketing team ensures your publication reaches potential readers and significant markets all around the world. Click through the links below to find out how:

Meet the Editorial Team

Peter Lang has publishing teams in offices around the world, each specializing in local language and content. Follow the links below to discover more about each editor and their area of acquisitions.

Lucy Melville

Group Publishing Director

Anja Lee

Senior Acquisitions Editor (Law)

Anthony Mason

Senior Commissioning Editor (Ireland)

Dr. Benjamin Kloss

Senior Acquisitions Editor (Romance Studies / Philosophy / Education)

Dani Green, PhD

Acquisitions Editor

Esra Bahşi

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Dr. Hermann Ühlein

Senior Acquisitions Editor (History / Politics / Theology)

Ilaria de Seta

Freelance Editor

Dr. Kurt Wallat

Senior Acquisitions Editor (Law / Economics)

Dr. Laurel Plapp

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Laurence Pagacz

Acquisitions Editor, Latin America

Łukasz Gałecki

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Niall Kennedy

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Michael Rücker

Senior Acquisitions Editor (Linguistics / German Language & Literature / English and American Studies)

Na Li

Commissioning Editor (Area Studies: Asia & the Middle East)

Dr. Phil Dunshea

Senior Acquisitions Editor (Area Studies: Humanities)

Thierry Waser

Deputy Managing Director and Senior Commissioning Editor

Ulrike Döring

Senior Commissioning Editor

Ute Winkelkötter

Senior Acquisitions Editor (German Language & Literature / Linguistics / History)